Work More This Summer

School’s out for the summer in most places. And that might mean a change in your work schedule as you juggle kids being home. While it’s only the beginning of June, the official start of summer is right around the corner. Anecdotally speaking, the summer time often means less shifts picked up and more call offs for our industry. But now is when you should be working more.

Here are the top five reasons to work more shifts this summer with Advena Healthcare Staffing.

Make More Money

It’s just simple math. The more you work, the more you’ll earn. And that might help you save up for a nice vacation towards the end of the summer, when flights and hotels are cheaper. If you have kids, you can also start saving now for the upcoming school year and avoid the sticker shock of supplies and new clothes.


Professional Growth

The more shifts you commit to, regardless of the season, the more reliable you will look. And that might lead to picking the best shifts at the best communities first.


Work-Life Balance

By working for AHS and having that flexibility, you can find a balance that fits your schedule. If your kids are at summer camp all day, pick up a day shift. Alternatively, if they’re home during the day, look for evening or weekend shifts instead. You get to control where, when and how often you want to work. Make that work for your life.


Spend Time with Residents

The summer is more fun for planning resident activities. There may be a scheduled outing to the zoo or botanical gardens where an extra staff member is needed to come along. Or maybe it’s taking a resident for a walk around the building or enjoying popsicles with them outside. Whatever it is, you can mix work with pleasure by getting to know the residents and being outside. Win, win.


Beat the Heat

Come for the job, stay for the air conditioning. On days when it’s too hot to be outside for long, stay cool with the free air conditioning at work. You can also save money on electric bill at home by not running the AC all day.


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