How to Know if You Have the Right Job

Many of us will re-evaluate what we’re doing with our lives at some point— whether we’re in the right job or relationship, or we’re making positive lifestyle decisions.

We could experience an important life event that makes us pause. Or there might be a general unease that something isn’t right.

That reflection often leads to change.


Why People Leave Their Jobs

There are many reasons why someone might choose to leave their job. And it’s not always just for higher pay.

Job site Indeed says many of the reasons revolve around feeling uninspired, undervalued or unchallenged.

Other reasons include the wrong culture or environment, conflict with workplace policies, or lack of work-life balance.

A company has a better chance at retaining employees if they can meet or excel at these things. Meanwhile, you’ll be less likely to jump ship. 

Finding the Right Job

A recent survey of 2,500 employees in their 20s and 30s found nearly three-fourths of those surveyed regretted taking a job because it was different than they thought it would be.   

Harvard Business Review says it’s important to review the job description clearly to get insight on the role and if it aligns with your skills, education and background. Make sure this job will meet your goals and help you get where you want to be.

Discuss salary and benefits ahead of time so there are no surprises. 

Lastly, dig a little deeper on the organization. Consider whether the company culture is the right fit for you and pay attention to how they communicate. 

You Made the Right Choice

What if you’re already in it? To know whether you’ve landed the right job, consider these five signs from Lifehack:

  1. You feel rewarded from the work you do.
  2. You wake up motivated and not dreading the day.
  3. You like to talk about your job to friends and family.
  4. You rarely check the clock throughout the day.
  5. You genuinely like your coworker and being around them.

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