The Importance of Having Fun in Long-Term Care

We saw a fun video on TikTok where a senior living community did dolphin rides with their residents. They inflated a dolphin float, put it on a dolly and wheeled people through the building. It looked like so much fun that we knew we had to try that at Advena Living of Bonner Springs. As you can see in this video, our community members had a fantastic time! (Be sure to check out our Advena Living of Bonner Springs Facebook page for more fun photos and videos.)

At Advena Living, we believe you shouldn’t have to give up who you are or stop having fun just because you’re moving to a new environment.

That’s why it’s important for all of our communities to have activities and events that are entertaining and engaging.  We try to have a variety of things going on from daily activities, to events for family members and friends, to outings around town.

We value input from our community members and try to tailor our social calendars to their preferences.

About Advena Living

At Advena Living, we want everyone who lives at our communities to feel at home. Each person gets to live how they want, on their own schedule. That means having a say in when to eat, wake up, go to sleep, and participate in activities. Because we follow a person-centered care approach, we include community members in decisions that affect them.

We are a family-owned company with skilled nursing and rehab in seven locations through Kansas. Our name “Advena” means newcomer. Communities welcome newcomers seeking a senior living experience where they may continue to enjoy a full life, and where their personal choices are respected and upheld.