A Week to Honor our Caregivers: May 9-15

We are proud to recognize our skilled nurses and caregivers during May 9-15 for National Skilled Nursing Care Week. Because we have leaned on our nurses so much during the pandemic in the past year, it’s even more important now to show our sincere appreciation for the selfless work they do.

The theme of National Skilled Nursing Care Week is “Together Through the Seasons,” honoring the tireless dedication of skilled nurses and support staff in providing compassionate care to facility residents through good times and bad. While facing the unprecedented challenges of COVID-19, our nurses have always stayed committed to providing the best care possible, keeping residents safe, and giving them the personal attention they need and deserve in a time of stress and isolation.

As we focus on our reasons for hope regarding COVID-19, our skilled nurses have led the way toward getting us through. We invite everyone to join us in saying “thank you” to a skilled nurse today, and in celebrating them during their dedicated week!